Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal in Caldwell

Step into Drgac Dental for all your aesthetic and restorative dentistry needs. Our welcoming staff offers you patience, expert advice and top-notch, gentle dental care. Dr. Drgac is a highly experienced dentist, who places his patients at ease with expert advice and safe and effective dental treatments. Over time, our jaws have evolved and we often do not have room for the wisdom teeth that may be coming in. Trust our professional team to perform a comfortable wisdom tooth extraction with ease. With a complete range of dental services we have available, you can visit us for dental procedures such as root canals, fillings, wisdom teeth removal and more. Get in touch with our office in Caldwell today!
Man getting wisdom teeth removal in Caldwell

Relieving severe tooth pain

When your wisdom teeth are infected, you'll know it! Inflamed or infected wisdom teeth can be an absolutely excruciating experience. As wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come into the mouth, there’s often not enough space for them, which causes oral health problems such as crowding and infection. In just one or two appointments, Dr. Drgac and his superb dental team can prevent these problems from happening via wisdom teeth removal. Speak with us about your dental concerns today, call 979-567-3273.

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