Digital  X Rays

Diagnostic dental services in Caldwell

When you come into Drgac Dental for your dental checkup or to consult with us about tooth pain that you may be experiencing, we’re happy to be able to provide you with exceptional diagnostic dental services. Via digital x-rays we can quickly identify and diagnose any problems in one visit and that means you'll be able to receive treatment even faster. For the top dentist in the Caldwell area, visit Dr. Drgac!
Dentists doing the X ray procedure

Efficient and accurate

One of the most effective diagnostic dental tools available is the digital x-ray. Our dental assistants use only digital x-rays because they emit significantly less radiation than traditional x-ray film, therefore ensuring the utmost safety for our patients. An added benefit is that we can instantly view these digital images, which means that we can detect and treat any potential problems much more efficiently. You can count on Drgac Dental for all your dental needs, please call 979-567-3273 with further questions!

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